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​Contemporary dance company


Dance Company 生きる舞踊団 NEphRiTE is a dance company

Built by Aika Tsuchida and Takayoshi Tsuchida in Niigata in 2017.

In addition to presenting works as a company, they work with local communities and collaborate with various facilities as creating site-specific pieces.

They are also working for general people and young artists to support and to provide them opportunities to perform.

They are now based in Berlin.(Since January.2018)

They organized themselves several projects that focus in collaboration and International exchanging in Berlin Germany and Niigata Japan.

Worked as residency artists at La camion in Lille France with Hybrid pop musician KosmoSuna(2019).


Chosen as the guest choreographer  for “Tanz Tents vol.1”  at Zirkus Mond in BERLIN 


2017: The 3rd prize at Creation section All JAPAN Contemporary Dance Competition of Japan.

2018: Finalist at the international choreography contest “Contact Energy’18” in Erfurt Germany


2019:Won the 1st prize of group selection

Awarded from Niigata prefecture at World dance competition in Niigata JAPAN


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